What Clients Are Saying

about Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Physical issues

After two sessions, my neck pain has gone away completely. B.

My migraines are better.   A.

A client who has had tinnitus for over 23 years: My left ear is ringing dramatically less. At the next session: Now my right ear is ringing less, too.   D.

I used to have to sleep with my arms above my head. After 6 sessions, I now sleep with my arms by my sides. I feel like my chest has expanded. My elbow, which has hurt for years, stopped hurting for three days after the last session.  M.

My thigh sometimes stops hurting for several days after a session.  S.

My foot has hurt only two times since our first session last week. Before that, over the last year, its hurt nearly every time Ive walked on it!  J.

My S.I. joint has been hurting me for so long. After our last session, I was able to get on the plane and not have it hurt during the plane ride.   B.

 Emotional issues

My husband keeps encouraging me to come. He says I seem happier. I feel like my life is changing. I cant put my finger on it exactly, but the way I approach things is different. I can handle things better.  M.

Ive felt quite relaxed over the last couple of weeks, and I attribute that to the cranial sessions. I came in partly because of my anxiety.  K.

I'm becoming more assertive.  T.

Emotional issues are complex and difficult to some up in a few sentences. Changes that clients have experienced include changes in how they view the world and how they see the world viewing them, decreased reactivity to situations that push their buttons, greater sense of self, more confidence, awareness that their are more options than they used to think.


This is like having a life coach.  R.

Im beginning to learn what it means to be in my body. L.

Im beginning to be more aware of what is happening in my body. That helps me in life.  A.