Therapeutic Massage


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. . . Relaxing and healing . . .

I love helping people on their journeys toward greater physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.  I work intuitively and with careful attention to the whole of who you are.

I offer the following types of massage therapy:

For a list of some of the conditions that can be helped by massage therapy, click here.

Technically skilled, intuitive, knowledgeable

I tailor every massage session to the individual clientó

no cookie-cutter massages here!

Every person is different, and each person's body has different needs.

Those needs will also vary from session to session,

so it is seldom that any two sessions will be exactly the same for a single client.


Included in therapeutic massage are the following modalities:

I have an extensive knowledge of anatomy, and bring that, as well as my intuitive skills, to the work. Depending on your needs and what you desire in a session, I may also incorporate craniosacral or polarity therapy (energy work). Nine times out of ten, I find that when a person's muscles will not release, some gentle energy work with the fascia removes residual mental and emotional tension. After two to ten minutes of this work, the muscles and fascia have softened enough to respond to massage.


Click here for a list of conditions that can benefit from massage therapy.

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